ChainsLab Project Research

Web3 research from beginner to advance levels. All knowledge and information about Web3 can be found here at ChainsLab.

Ethena Labs: USDe's Playbook
BeraChain: Zero or Hero?
Big Time - The Comeback of GameFi?
Manta Network - The Genuine ZK Layer 2
Pendle Finance: A Yield Derivatives Layer for DeFi
CyberConnect - The future of Web3 Social Networks?
Maestro Bots: Telegram Bots that Revolutionizing Cryptocurrency Trading
Introducing Unibot - The Next Level of Telegram Bot
What is Aerodrome Finance - The driving force behind Base TVL?
Everything you need to know about Polygon 2.0
DeBank - shifting the Social paradigm with Web3 integration
What’s Friend Tech? Quick dive into a new bottle of old wines
What is Sei? And what is #SeiScam?
What is Arkham? New Playground for On-chain Detectives
What is Vertex Protocol? Trading with Self-Custody and CEX's Convenience
What is SPACE ID? A Chain-Agnostic Universal Naming Service
What is Lyra Finance? Leading the Options Trading in DeFi
What is Liquity (LQTY)?
What is Base - Coinbase Layer 2 Chain?
What is Factor? The DeFi Hub For Building New Blocks
What is Blur NFT Marketplace (BLUR)? A New Stop For Pro Flippers
What is Vela Exchange?
What is Velodrome Finance? The Top Liquidity Base Layer on Optimism
What is Celestia? A Piece of the Modular Blockchain Puzzle
What Is zkSync? The Layer 2 Future For Ethereum Scalability
What is dYdX? The #1 CEX Replacement
What Is Hashflow (HFT)? A Decentralized Brokerage
What Is Galxe (GAL)? Digital Credentials On Blockchain
Premia Finance - The Handsome Guy of Defi Options
What Is Stargate Finance (STG)? The Liquidity Transit Terminal
What Is STFX? Vaultification of Everything
What Is XEN? The Crypto For The Masses
What Is Gains Network? The World's First On-Chain Stock Leveraged Trading
The Rise and Fall of Yearn Finance (YFI)
What Is GMX? The First Perp Trading Platform On Arbitrum
What Is JonesDAO? The Cowboy On Bulls
What Is Kadena? The Multiple Parallel "Bitcoin-Like" Blockchain
What Is Dopex? The Bet Has No Loser
The Odyssey of Babylon Finance (BABL)
What Is Agoric? New Player Powered By JavaScript
What Is D/Bond Protocol? New Era For Financial Freedom
What is so great about sudoswap that everyone is talking about?
What Is Aleph Zero? The Pioneer On New Blockchain Technology
What Is Concordium? The Compliant Enterprise Blockchain
What Is Aptos Blockchain? A New VCs' Darling
What is ApeCoin (APE) - Web3 Innovation or Monkey Business?
What Is Sui Blockchain? The Next-Gen Layer 1
What Is Shardeum? The Scalability Trilemma Killer
What is MakerDAO? MakerDAO's Dive into Real World Assets
Understand Jack Dorsey’s Web5 in 10 minutes
FTX Exchange (FTT)
The Sandbox (SAND)
Injective Protocol (INJ)
Binance Smart Chain